Below are just a few examples of feedback given by some of the Learn Freelancing course users. (There may be more recent testimonials on the Home page.) Have something to say? Send your own feedback.


Thank you for sending me a copy of The Pocket Book of Proofreading. I am finding it very interesting and am nearly finished... I am ready for the de luxe version of the course. I haven't quite finished the book and am still finding it extremely interesting, especially as I am discovering so much I didn't know on the subject. Thank you for keeping me updated.

I have now completed the course and must congratulate you on this masterpiece. I have read a lot of ‘guides’ recently but none more informative or friendly. The information on how to get started is invaluable.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Pocket Book of Proofreading, and the unique online three-part course, to anyone who wants to work for themselves or just find out more about the work of a proofreader or copy-editor. My thanks and regards.

I’ve had four jobs so far with xxx Publishing, and am really enjoying the proofreading assignments from them.

It is great getting paid to read. When I tell people what I do, they can’t believe it.

Just a quick email to say thanks for all your help … the first publisher I called offered me work! I’m now working on my second book for them, with promises of more to come.

It was a course that changed my life and has given me a career that I love and the flexibility to stay at home with my son. Getting paid to read is like heaven on earth! I have three regular clients that give me all the work I want right now. Taking your course gave me the courage to take the plunge and go for it.

Have just finished my sixth book for them (a well known London publisher).

I love every minute of it. Thanks again. Best wishes.

I thought I’d let you know where your course has now led me! I have recently begun work full time for an Internet news group as a sub-editor. Little did I know that, when I started your course … it would result in me securing full time employment from home with my first ever invoice for £1,000 about to be issued. I have the champagne on ice.

Great book! Love the bookmark. It has everything anyone could ever need to make a fulfilling proofreading career.

Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the course materials you sent and you have my most sincere apologies for not letting you know I had received them, as I intended on doing so but forgot. I look forward to starting the course soon!

I have just finished reading The Pocket Book of Proofreading and found it an extremely helpful resource . . . It is actually the sort of book I have been looking for for at least 3 years when I became interested in the field of proofreading. (Rosemary S.)

I have received the book and am finding it very inspirational. I can honestly say it is very user-friendly and positively written, which is refreshing to find! 

Also thank you for proofreading my email!  I do remember reading in your book about 'thank you' being two words, and hopefully won't forget again! (D.E.)

Please find enclosed cheque for the freelance proofreading & editing course, which I look forward to receiving.

By the way, a Dr R of Grayhill Surgery suggested I check out your website when I went to see him recently, and mentioned that I was in training for indexing. I thought you might like to know your friends are rooting for you! (Dr Kate Inskip, Monmouthshire)

Really enjoy the book and hoping to build a business proofreading. Kids get cross when I ban them from ordering restaurant dishes because of spelling errors on the menu! Smocked salmon the most common at the moment! Thank you for your well written book which has inspired me further.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your book and accompanying exercises. I find the amount of knowledge required a bit overwhelming, but I have found the whole experience both inspiring and entertaining. There are several points that I am unsure of, so I have attached a query list of sorts (I know that some of these would never be asked of a copy-editor).  If you have time, I would be interested in your reply.

Hi William
Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on a great book! It was very informative and flowed beautifully with wit and humour - making it a very enjoyable read!
I am actually going through a life change - I have been in the fast lane at work, travelling the world etc...and now I want to settle in one country. So, I have started my own business.
Colleagues and friends are always commenting on my acute attention to detail - particularly with grammar and spelling - there were so many debates when I was working in Canada! They even laugh when I check and correct my sendings on MSN Messenger!
Above all, I think I will enjoy being a proofreader - I am just wondering how easy it is to get tested by the Publishing Houses and how fast they will respond...well, can only give it a go!
I came to the end of your book yesterday - I have a copy which seriously challenges the beauty of Eva Longoria! You are so lovely to offer a discount for this error! I have never seen such a kind move.
So, I am to be one of your new recruits!
Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to it.


I have just completed a test for ... who recently published ... in Britain.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Many thanks for your help. MV

Hello William,

Thank you - I hadn't thought of splitting a word somewhere, or resetting a larger area, I can see that would work.

I've been working as a research assistant for the last ten years, at first at the Natural History Museum in the entomology department, and more recently on a freelance basis, working from home.  My main client has been my old boss at the museum, who's actually been retired all the time I've worked for him (there has to be a good joke starting 'Old entomologists don't die, they just . . .' ('. . . look like they have' perhaps?)), but now he's pretty much finished the big project he's been working on for the last few decades and is actually going to stop working - hence no more work for me.  I came up with proofreading as an alternative way of earning some money from home - I live in rural Brittany, and there aren't many local employment opportunities.  It is something I've done a little of in my work for the museum, and enjoyed, despite the fairly unexciting subject matter (my largest proofreading project was a chunk of a huge catalogue of geometrid moths, with over 1000 pages and listing 35,000 species, each with their reference of original description and references for all their synonyms, which all had to have their commas in the right places and be abbreviated consistently).  I'm hoping for something a bit more interesting in my next proofreading job!

Thanks for your help and support, I may just be in touch in the future to pick your brains again!

Best wishes,



I have just finished reading The Pocket Book of Proofreading, which I found to be both entertaining and very useful. I am emailing you now because I see that on your website it says 'for special discounts on current Learn Freelancing course fees, please email the editor for details.'

If you could please let me have these details that would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,



PS: Reading your book has given me a good refresher, and it has been very
useful to learn which marks have changed. I haven't really done any
professional proofreading but I have used the skills I learnt during
my degree in everyday life ever since. My previous career in London
involved writing press releases, amongst other things, and much of my
current work in tourism involves writing...

Dear Sir,

I am just writing to thank you for your reply to my email enquiry, and the information regarding my recent order. If I may say, I enjoyed your book immensely and found reading it a thoroughly engaging and rewarding experience. In fact, the book inspired me to try my hand at the course (which I look forward to receiving).
Thank you once again for taking the time to reply.
Yours sincerely,

Delve into this book and you won't be able to put it down!

It makes for a good read and whilst being entertaining and stimulating you won't realise you are learning!
Although it is written in a slightly informal, almost quirky style, it delivers its message thoroughly, concisely and unambiguously.
The chapters on finding work, contacts, business tips etc. are invaluable. I will certainly be following Mr William Critchley's advice.
Overall it is a mine of great information, a reference book to cherish.

The author emailed Catherine to thank her for such a wonderful review. This was her answer.

Hi William,
You are very welcome, it is the truth.
A freelance copy editor, who is a friend of my brother, uses your book and recommends it too! She has a son who is a scientific author - he dives to explore shipwrecks.
She is hoping to be able to send some work my way, when I am ready.
Kind regards,

Dear William

I have just purchased your proofreading course. I am looking forward to
receiving it.

I already have a copy of your excellent book so please could you deduct £15
from the total cost of the course.

Many thanks

Lisa M. (Dulwich, London)