How much can I earn?

Suggested minimum freelance rates

The recommended minimum hourly rate for proofreading in 2014 is £22.00 (according to SfEP, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders). It has just been increased a little (2015).

Note that this is a suggested minimum, so rates can be higher, with more generous publishers perhaps offering as much as £24 per hour. Equally some may offer only £17.00 per hour when you start out.

Copy-editing hourly rates are a minimum of £25.00 (2019), and £29.60 and upwards paid for substantial editing and rewriting. For accurate rates, please see the Home page.

Knowing suggested minimum rates will help you with negotiating your fees for a particular job. Freelance rates do vary between publishing companies, so it is always wise to discuss fees first before accepting freelance work.

The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook lists hundreds of UK publishers who can offer you work (including names of people to contact, subjects published, plus full address and email details).

Check out the why learn freelancing? page for more details on earnings.