About the course

The course can be downloaded as PDF files from this website and then printed

The download version of the course comes as a full set of organised PDF files. If you have broadband, you’ll find the course will whizz down to your desktop in just a few seconds. This is the most popular version.

You’ll need a colour printer with at least 170 sheets of A4 paper. Use good quality paper and print each part of the course, one at a time. (Tip: if pages come out of your printer face up, as with most inkjets, save yourself reordering them by opening the print settings dialog and choosing 'reverse order' before printing. If pages come out of your printer face down, as with most laser printers, the pages are best printed in order.)

The course is divided into three parts, plus two free extra exercises. The first part is MS1: the typescript of the main story, Santorini – A Greek Island. You’ll see how the typescript (manuscript) has been marked up by the copy-editor.

See a sample page of MS1.

Reading corrected typescripts is one of the best ways to learn about editing skills and it will help with your proofreading, too.

You’ll then move on to PS1: the (uncorrected) proofs of the story about the Greek island.

See a sample page of PS1.

PS1 is full of mistakes that you will have to find! This is the main exercise, the one you will 'mark up' as a proofreader, when you are ready to start the exercise.

Take your time. Work at your own speed. There’s no need to rush because you’ll need time to absorb all the information in The Pocket Book of Proofreading first.

When ready, start working through PS1, marking up (correcting) proofreading errors in red and editing errors in blue.

Full details and instructions come with the download.

When you have completed the exercise, you can check your marked-up proofs against the already-marked ones in PS2. At the end of this exercise, you’ll find several pages of notes, including explanations for each of the errors.

There is also a Scorecard which, when you have added up all the errors you have found, will tell you how good you are!

See some sample pages of PS2 and the Scorecard.

If you have any questions, however minor, just head over to the help page or contact us.

Good luck with your course, and good reading!


William Critchley (signature)

Managing Editor

Note: If you prefer, the complete course can be sent to you by first-class post. See how to order.